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HomeConnect Calling Card

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StarHub HomeConnect Calling Card is the prepaid international calling card that makes staying in touch with your loved ones a lot cheaper and easier too, no matter where you are in the world. Below call rates are ONLY VALID on Option 3 (Special Promotions) when using homeconnect calling card.

  • 28 mins to Myanmar
  • 280 mins to Bangladesh
  • 973 mins to China
  • 628 mins to India
  • 185 mins to Indonesia (Fixed Line), 105 mins to Indonesia (Mobile Line)
    325 mins to Jakarta (Fixed Line)
  • 300 mins to Malaysia (Fixed Line), 120 mins to Malaysia (Mobile Line)
  • 70 mins to Philippines (Fixed Line), 58 mins to Philippines (Mobile Line)
  • 580 mins to Thailand
  • 120 mins to Vietnam

How to Use StarHub HomeConnect Calling Card

Call Overseas

1. Dial 1884 or 6820 1884 (Toll-free on GREEN prepaid card)

2. Enter Card Number

3. Press 1 for IDD 008 or Press 2 for IDD 018 or Press 3 for Special Promotions

4. Enter Country Code --> Area Code --> Phone Number --> followed by the # key

Card Merging

1. Dial 1884 or 6820 1884 (Toll-free on GREEN prepaid card)

2. Enter Card Number

3. Press 5 for Feature Selection

4. Press 1 for Card Merging

5. Enter the other card's serial number

  • Promotion is valid from 1 April 2012 till further notice..
  • The promotional rates are only valid for calls made on Option 3 on $10 HomeConnect cards.
  • HomeConnect Option 3 calls will be charged in blocks of 1 minute.
  • StarHub Phonecard 015 calls are charged in blocks of 20 cents.
  • Quality may vary from line to line.
  • The promotional rates and the 50% extra value for HomeConnect cards are subject to change without prior notice.
  • For more details, visit StarHub HomeConnect Calling Card
Customer Care Hotline: 1633

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